I have a vivid childhood memory of being homesick.

In my mind’s eye, I see flashes of technicolor paper strewn about me like moths’ wings. Around me lay mountainous piles of pencil crayons, tapes, glitter, and scissors.

Embroiled in memory, I seize the sense that bursts on my tongue: the bitter taste of sickness and the way it mixed with the cloying flavor of breakfast cereal as I loomed over my bed.

I have the memory of putting pen to paper in a flurry of inspiration, creating worlds and creatures like a newborn god presiding over a universe of their own making.

I could tell you all about the time in between. Of all the books I did and didn’t read, the stories I wrote and those I have forgotten.

It took me 18 years to decide and nestle into the English program at Whittier College.

It’s here that I discovered a penchant for bewitching prose and unique angles on questions and topics both covered and ignored. Between my coursework, I freelanced for the paper, tutored other students, and even took up residence as president of Sigma Tau Delta. 

There I am, right in front wearing red!

Between my day job, social life, and personal projects, I am a slow but avid reader. Just last year, I read 25 books and plan to double that output in the next. 

As much as I love reading and writing I am equally passionate about art.

I care deeply about researching, reading, and creating it, and am happy to be able to make a living off this lifelong passion.

At my current position as a content writer, I create blog and copy content with a special focus on art, home, and lifestyle for a younger demographic.